What are your top three recommendations to have a great job application?

Taking the time to tailor your resume to match as much of the job description as possible. Many applicants tend to send out many resumes without properly reviewing the job details. In a market where jobs are in demand, candidates will make the mistake of applying to as many roles as possible without proper consideration of the duties and must haves. If you take the time to revise the resume to reflect as much as the requirements as possible, the response rate will increase.

An effective cover letter goes a long way. When applicants apply directly to a job posting, they don’t have the luxury of a recruiting consultant to represent them. A cover letter is an employer’s first impression of a candidate before actually reviewing the resume.

A well structured resume is important. Within the first 3-5 seconds of looking at a resume, an employer can usually tell if they want to continue with a candidate or not. The resume should be clear, concise, well structured, and entices a viewer to want to read more. Having long summaries, skills, or lists of education credentials right in the beginning of a resume will take away from what an employer is most interested in seeing, one’s practical work experience.

What are some recommendations for interacting with a recruiter?

Always be honest. Recruiters are usually quite intuitive when it comes to learning the truth. It is always best to be honest especially when a recruiter has your best interests in hand and who will also be representing you directly to a client. If a candidate fabricates details, then that usually comes back in negative ways and thus makes everyone look bad.

Always be open with details. It is okay if you have multiple opportunities on the go. Just keep the recruiter you are working with aware so that there are no last minute surprises, especially when the offer stage is close.


What are some three tips you can give for for interviewing well?

Showing good enthusiasm for the opportunity. Employers want to know that candidate genuinely wants to work there. Not because of location, or salary, or because they just need a job. Therefore, always show enthusiasm and good energy towards the role. A good way to do this is by asking the interviewer some good questions about the company, industry, and dynamics of the role.

Be prepared. Always know your resume and draw from personal work experiences when answering questions. This shows an interviewer your thought process and also how your skills can relate to the opportunity being discussed.

Good body language. Eye Contract and a firm hand shake go a long way. The way a person conducts themselves in an interview is important when determining overall fit.

Contributed by Jeff Chan
Recruitment Manager, Permanent Placement at PTC Recruiting

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Jeff Chan

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