Let’s face it, COVID19 or not, job hunting is a stressful process. Right now, candidates are seeing a recovering job market with new rules to the hiring process and the realities of remote work. So, if you’re looking for new opportunities or considering making a career move, here’s how you can make the most out of your job search this fall:

  1. Strengthen your online presence: You’ve probably heard this a lot during COVID, but it has become more important now to build and strengthen your online presence. With virtual hiring and remote on-boarding on the rise, recruiters are focusing their efforts on digital media to attract specialized professionals. From running multiple screening rounds, interviewing candidates over zoom, advertising jobs on third-party sites and even accepting TikTok resumes, companies are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right match. So, why should you? Make the most of your job search process by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and auditing your social channels such as Twitter or Instagram to ensure that they all reflect the professional side of you.

  2. Rethink your career preferences: Due the pandemic, many industries have cut back on operations and reduced hiring. But this doesn’t stand true for businesses within the telecommunication, online learning, skilled trades, e-commerce, and services sector. Focus your job search efforts on industries that are actively hiring. LinkedIn’s “Who’s hiring in Canada” report is a good place to start from. As more companies support remote work and transferable skills, take advantage of applying for positions that you would have put off earlier due to location or lack of work experience. Consider contract employment as well as freelance projects to add on to your skills and qualifications. Even with full-time opportunities, evaluate all the benefits a role has to offer. Ask yourself, will a high-paying job with poor work culture meet your needs?

  3. Leverage your connections: This phrase never gets old. I’m sure you’ve read articles and watched videos about how important it is to network during your job hunt. But what’s more important is how you work your connections. Start with making a list of companies you would like to work for. See if you have any mutual contacts within those companies or reach out to a recruiter/talent acquisition member to field more information about the roles they’re currently working on and drop in your introduction. Even if there aren’t any open roles right now, by building these relationships you’ll be able to get on the hiring manager’s radar whenever the next suitable opportunity arises.

Approach your job search process with patience and determination. Be understanding of the fact that you may be required to re-adapt your search strategies from time to time. Reinforce your online presence, boost your existing network while building newer connections and take the time to evaluate your career preferences before moving into a new role.

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